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Thread: Extended Forecast.

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    Default Extended Forecast.

    Anyone else checked out the 30 day forecast? Looks like maple temperatures right through February.

    I'm waiting until February before I tap, but it sure is inviting especially on my lines with vacuum.
    2018 - 20 Taps on 3/16, Barrel evaporator with 2 steam pans. Unknown amount.
    2019 - Nothing
    2020 - 30 Taps on Shurflo, 30 taps on 3/16, 2x5 oil tank evaporator, 11 Gallons.
    2021 - 35 Taps on Shurflo, 11 buckets, RB10 RO Bucket, 2x3XL Mason Evaporator. 4 gallons
    2022 - 110 Taps on Shurflo, 77 taps on 3/16 gravity, 13 buckets to hit 200, Upgrade to RB15 RO Bucket.
    2023 - 110 Taps on Shurflo, New 3/4 Mainline with 125 taps, 2x4 raised flue, Upgrade to Homemade 4x40 RO.

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    I've heard the same. I haven't seen any numbers, and I know things get cold after the 26th +/-, so I'm waiting to see the forecast for the first week of February. The upcoming cold snap will be a tight freeze, so what comes after will be the key as to whether I'll tap or not. The way this winter has been I would expect an early start to the season. I generally tap around mid month-ish anyway, so I might be two weeks early. We'll see how it unfolds.
    Two 2x4 concrete block arches with three steam trays each
    Tapping in Mount Vernon since 2016, 30 to 70 taps, 5/16" tube to 1.5 to 3.5 gallon buckets, some trees on collective gravity tubing to 5 gallon buckets.

    Mostly sugar maples, a few reds on 200 year old homestead

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