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Thread: 2023!

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    Default 2023!

    Tapping 1/17/23. Over here on the W edge of the state we’re getting some rain Wednesday and it looks like that will set us up for the perfect temps. I actually drive over and tap my parent’s land which is just on the Kansas side (Linn County), but there’s no page for Kansas sugarers…mods can you add one? Am I alone?

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    I don't know if you're alone, cmeudaly, but I doubt there are too many of you in Kansas! We are down the the southeast portion of the state. We tapped January Jan 12, 13, 14, and we added a few more today Jan 21. If my son's counting is correct, out current tap count is 801. Had a real good sap flow last weekend, ended up processing 1500 gallons of sap. Seems to be running a bit thin (about 1.5%), we have bottled about 16 gallons of syrup. Sap was starting to run again today, and the long term forecast looks good. Sure glad I got new membranes for the RO. Didn't realize how inefficient the old ones had become.

    How are things going for the other Missouri sugarmakers?
    Now I have an outdoor hobby for all 12 months. Like I need anything more to do
    800+ taps on gravity tubing, MicRO2 RO, 2.5 X 8 Leader King, and a 1953 Willys Jeep to run around the maple woods with.

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    We got our 200+ taps in this weekend, everything is looking good! Good luck everyone!
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    Glad to see some people here! I tapped 1/22 and put in about 120. I scaled back this year a bit. I collected 104 gallons on 1/28 and boiled all day. Finished with a pint over 2 gallons.
    Glad to be out in the woods!
    Lots of trees, bees, rocks, firewood, and syrup.

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