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Thread: CRM - Wilton

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    Default CRM - Wilton

    Getting a lot of those 40 deg days and 20 deg nights. Wondering if it's time to get out the drill. With this crazy weather, I hope we are not hurting ourselves by waiting until mid-Feb to tap and missing runs. Thoughts?
    Thanks, Bill
    2017 - 3 taps hanging buckets.
    2018 - 32 taps on 5 gal. buckets.
    2019 - New Mason 2x4 XL. 80 taps
    2020 - Barn / Sugarhouse finished. 125 taps, all on 3/16 tubing. NextGen 1x40 RO
    2021 - First season in new Sugarhouse - 157 taps, 100 on 3/16 tubing w/two Shurflo set-ups, the rest on buckets
    2022 - 225 taps. 175 on 3/16 tubing, rest on buckets.
    2023 - 290 taps. 253 on tubing, 37 on 5 gal. buckets. Four Shurflo 12V set-ups........three on solar, one on 12V charger.

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    I don't know, I have a 3 day weekend working on stuff indoors this morning so I am gonna see if I can get everything ready to go by next weekend If the long range forecast stays true then I will try to start next weekend. because the following week looks really good but we know how that goes.
    may your sap be at 3%

    585 or so on Vacuum, about 35 on buckets/sap sacs
    Atlas Copco GVS 25A Rotary Vane vacuum pump
    MES horizontal electric releaser
    2x6 ss phaneuf Drop flue, Leader woodsaver blower, homemade hood
    300gph H2O RO
    husquvarna 562 XP
    only almost there... oh maybe not, yep, nope come on! until the 2023 season get busy!!!

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