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Thread: Not liking this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swingpure View Post
    Surprise the weather forecast changed for Michigan and despite the mild spell there are a lot fewer flow days as compared to a few days ago.
    Not surprising. https://mapleresearch.org/pub/mn1116weather-2/
    Dr. Tim Perkins
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    When I worked for the Railroad, one of my many hats i wore, was I managed the Weather Provider Contracts. Many of the websites that forecast weather had computer generated weather forecasts. We contracted a US Weather Company called WeatherData and they had meteorologists that gave us personalized forecasts. They were far superior to the computer generated forecasts and we made a number of business decisions based on them. I felt they were excellent.

    In 2006 they were purchased by Accuweather. They still provided the same service at least until I retired in 2010. I wish I still had a connection with them. I would highly trust them to predict when to tap.
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    I'm on the west side of the state tapping near Grand Rapids. It's been an interesting winter to say the least. We had a decent growing season and good healthy canopies, so I am hopeful if we can generate some good freeze thaw cycles in February we will still sneak out a decent season. I've spent many years growing up in the sugar bush, but this one is unique to my lifetime. The most recent long term forecast I read shows we will still tap around the typical middle to latter half of February. How are you all feeling?

    Hopefully many of us are holding hope and we have a great season!

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    I will be ready to go in 2 weeks. Some forecast models saying cool thru March. I think we are going to have to be ready to tap at any time from now on.
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    I will continue to monitor the 2 long term forecast on the weather channels and at this point plan accordingly. My hope is to tap the weekend of February 11th. Just have to wait and see.
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    2021 - Didn't work out
    2022 - 25 taps on bags / 8 taps on 3/16's line - late start

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    Just saw the monthly temperature outlook for February on weather.com. They are predicting a slightly cooler February. Will that happen? We shall see.
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