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Thread: January Thaw

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    Gary, Trust me your Grandson will always remember doing that with you for the rest of his life. When he talks about it later in life he will get that far off stare like he can see you and him doing those things all over again.
    2004 - 2012 2x3 flat pan 25 to 60 taps
    2012 2x3 new divided pan w/draw off 55 taps
    2018 - didn't boil surgery - bought new evaporator
    2019 new SML 2x4 raised flue high output evap. 65 taps
    made 17 gal. syrup
    2020 - only put out 53 taps - made 16.25 ga.l syrup
    2021 - Didn't work out
    2022 - 25 taps on bags / 8 taps on 3/16's line - late start

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    Today was the first day where I had sap running in a line that I tapped in December, and also two lines that I tapped a couple days ago, all draining into the same barrel. It was a good opportunity to see how the sap was flowing from taps 7 weeks old versus two days old. The 7 week old taps ran as well or better than the new ones. Not a scientific method, but I compared the drop rate of the lines.

    We will have to see how they are flowing two weeks from now.

    Today was a day I thought the sap would be racing, where it would dribble a steady stream out of the tubes, but they only dripped. I am not sure if that is because it is February, or just some days are like that.
    2022 - 5 pan block arch - 109 taps, 73 on 3/16 lines, 36 on drops into 5 gallon pails.
    930 gallons boiled, 109 L (28.8 gals) of delicious syrup made.
    DYI Vacuum Filter
    2023 - 170 taps, mostly on lines, 1153 gallons boiled, 130 L (34.34 gals) of delicious syrup made, on a 2x4 divided pan and base stack, 8” pipe, on a block arch that boiled at a rate of 13 gallons per hour.

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