It's a solid cold snap here in Ohio this mid November day and it's got me thinking Maple Syrup. I thoght I'd start the discussion on what we are all doing in preperation and what plans we have for the upcoming season.

I took down a lot of my 3/16 lines to get timber out last spring and have to put them back up and asses damage and repair. I am still deciding if I will reduce my tap count or not. After repeated calls from the FDA about inspections I decided I was closing shop to selling syrup. I will only make for personal use, family and Friends. I will give it all away and just be happy to bring enjoyment to those I do. So it would make sense to reduce taps, but I have a feeling that if it's available it will get taken. I never made much money anyway and just paid expenses for the most part. I suppose if someone wants to donate to my charity that will be accepted (oh yeah, I do accually run a 501 (c) 3 charity, but not Maple related).

I thought I would forego early tapping but my stock is almost gone and people are wanting syrup, so there may be some december syrup made.

I think I'll restretch lines and check for damage in the next week and then order supplies.

What is everyone elses plans?