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Thread: Tapping above branches?

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    Default Tapping above branches?

    For a tree with branches in the tapping zone, are there any pro's or con's to tapping above a branch?

    All "my" trees (except one) are not mine and are suburban yard trees, so cutting such branches isn't an option, though I'm also curious if the tree was yours and in your sugarbush, would you cut off such branches as a matter of course.

    I'm thinking in particular of one grand red maple with a couple of large low branches. It has been heavily tapped with buckets and 7/16" spiles over the years, though I noticed the owner skipped this year. Was wondering, if I ever tapped it with 5/16" drops into buckets, if the areas above branches are viable since I know those areas have never been tapped.
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    I don't believe you would want to tap directly above the branch. I would think off to one side or the other would be okay. I am not a logger, but have split my fair share of large blocks that had once had branches and the grain of the wood changes where that branch is.
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