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Thread: If I Could Turn Back Timeó-Tissues Required

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    Default If I Could Turn Back Timeó-Tissues Required

    Just thirteen months ago,we brought a beautiful long haired grey tabby kitten into the house. Several months in,like just before Christmas he started having seizures,they told us we would get three years probably. With medications have been able to handle it. My wife originally picked him,but he quickly became my grandson,and we were inseparable,he followed me everywhere,just like a dog would. First thing I would see in the morning when I got up,run outside ahead of me to play with the other cats at the barn. He would come to me immediately from anywhere within ear range when I would call his name. This past Monday was the worst day of my life. I was heading out for my afternoon bus run,he ran out the door ahead of me and sat on the step. I pet him good bye,and headed up the driveway. He didnít run ahead of me as per normal,or everything would have been okay. I have kicked myself over and over and over again for not looking back over my shoulder before I climbed into the bus. You can guess what happened as my Father carried him down to the house,where he died in my arms after I got home. My wife told me quit blaming myself,but I canít help it,as I knew what he was like and should have checked. I am sure I am depressed now,as I didnít eat that night,and very little since. Sleep is pretty much non existent,I wake up from dreams of him sitting beside the bus waiting for me. Certainly a piece of me died with him.
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    Bruce; That is a really sad story. The most comforting thing I can say is that is sounds like your cat had a wonderful life with you and family.
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    I am trying real hard to see though the tears to write this, Bruce. I do know how you feel cause we lost one of our dogs last fall, tore me up. All I can say is it sounds like you gave him a wonderful life. I am sure others may have told you it will get better in time. It does, but it still hurts. I'll say a special prayer for you tonight. You can do that too it helps.
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