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Thread: Forced draft steam hood stack

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    Default Forced draft steam hood stack

    I made a steam hood for my 2x6 two years ago. The hood sits on the flue pan and is raised up about a foot over the syrup pan. Boiling is so MUCH better with the hood, but I'd guess only 70% of the steam is being evacuated. I'm getting quite a bit of steam out from under the front part of the hood above the syrup pan. My stack is a little far back on the hood, 24" O.C. from the smoke stack. I had to choose which set of rafters to go through. I made the 10' long, 8 1/2 dia stack out of a sheet of 28 ga SS.

    I saw a video of the CDL Venturi evaporator, which uses air input to the smoke stack to improve draft. Last week I was in the sugar camp, and I thought Hey what about adding an air input to the steam stack?

    If I fabbed up an angled duct to attach to the steam stack just above the hood, use a small blower, or tee off of the AUF/AOF air input and blow air up the steam stack would it improve the steam draft? Before I go cuttin holes in the stack and reconfiguring the AOF/AUF plumbing, what are your thoughts? Should I use a blower the same size as the steam output, bigger, or smaller, or just put another ball valve in the air input I already have in place and adjust it from time to time on the fly. I'd really like to improve the draft of the hood without adding another stack, roof jack, etc... Any thoughts/inputs appreciated.

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