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Thread: Very small maple leaves

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    last year, all our driveway maples had really small leaves. This year, the trees look really healthy, as they usually do. It could be a one-off issue as it was with us. It might have been caused by a late frost in our area last year.
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    Thanks Ken and others for your thoughts and ideas. The property on question has been sold to another buyer so our search continues, but Iím glad to be learning from what we found with maples in this property. Itís funn you mention the general forest health including critters, because I comparison you a couple dozen other properties weíve walked, this had less deer and moose scat thatís weíve seen. We wondered about that, but have found no explanation. A forester local to the area however said his guess would be pear thrips, an sap sucking insect I hadnít heard before. There were no leaves low enough on these trees to grab and look at up close, so my observations were all at a distance of at least 30í.

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