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Thread: 12v well pump

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    Default 12v well pump

    I have a reverse slope on my sugarbush with a 375 gallon bulk tank in ground and mechanical releaser sitting on top. No electricity. My sugar house is 1000' away and 30' higher than the collection tank. I have been using 200W solar panel to a controller to deep cycle battery to shurflo 4048 diaphragm pump. I am unable to get to the pump every day to clean the strainer on the shurflo and it is plugging with snot from time to time. I would like to consider a 12V well pump to improve efficiency overcoming the head pressure going back to the sugar house as well as a temperature controller and liquid level controller to turn the pump on and off. I'd like to get away from cleaning the small filter of the diaphragm pump. If I had a helical or centrifugal well pump, I think I could just lay it inside on the bottom of the bulk tank and it likely would not freeze no plug with snot. Has anyone got ideas on wiring temp and liquid level controls and a good place to source a reliable reasonably sourced well pump? Thanks.

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    I use the GRL8-02 level controller. I love its simplicity and ease of use. You use standard wire as the level sensors set to whatever on/off heights you want.

    The W1209 are very cheap 12v temp controllers I use as well. Work great. Ypu could always get an inkbird temp controller as well. Itc-308 or itc-1000f. I have used both and they are easy / reliable.

    Wiring the GRL8-02 or W1209 are super easy. Just follow the instructions that come with them for the most part.
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