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Thread: Dark syrup is dark syrup is dark syrup??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrTimPerkins View Post
    You can kind of think of "flavor" in maple as being notes or chords on a stringed instrument or piano. Like in music these individual flavors are also referred to as "notes". There are 6-10 dominant notes in maple, but lots of minor notes. Also like in music, these flavor notes have a strength or intensity associated with them.

    The true "maple" notes are generally found primarily in lighter syrups. Darker syrups characteristically have far less of the true "maple" notes, and far more and far more intense "confectionary" "burnt sugar", "coffee", "nutty" and "woody/herbaceous" notes.

    Some of these notes are derived from molecules in the sap itself, but some are derived from the decomposition productions caused by microbes in the sap, and the types and level of microbes themselves can influence the flavor. Then you get things like sap temperature, storage conditions, processing, etc. superimposed on top of the whole thing and it becomes very complex very quickly, making it really difficult to tease out the specific influences on flavor.
    I find this post interesting and maybe daunting. This was my first year making syrup and I have been told by several people that it was the best syrup they have ever tasted. The latest comment I received yesterday was flattering: “ “Good morning , tell Gary I love his maple syrup , the best I ever tasted and I have tasted a lot of them , enjoying very much thank you 😊”.

    Somehow I lucked into the right notes.

    Next season instead of five steam pans, I will have a divided pan and I will be using the RO. It will be like playing a different instrument. It will be interesting to see how next year’s syrup will taste and look like.

    I think you just do the best job you can and how the different flavour notes come out, will be a matter of chance.
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    Glad I read this post. I was feeling my syrup was a little inferior because it came out dark to very dark in color but the flavor was "good". I am touring "Syrup country" now with my wife in VT, NH, and ME to admire the fall colors and stopped at several syrup producers to see their operations and got to sample some golden-delecate, amber-rich, and dark-robust...and I believe the flavor of my syrup is closest to the rich in taste and not the robust. Maybe once I get off of hotel pans that sit down in the fire that caramelize/ burn on the sides, and filter better from my new filter press (currently using the settling method) my color will get lighter and my flavor stay the same, to be more inline with the grading charts?
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