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2 things. Earlier you were asking or wondering about draw off frequency, just do it by temperature and don't try to time it. Actually back when I had a 2x6 I attended a seminar by Glen Goodrich and he said he draws continually. Yes his evaporator was far bigger, but I started doing continuous draws. As the temperature got to syrup, I cracked the draw off valve slightly. Early when I tried I was able to get 15-20 minute long trickle draws before I had to close the valve. In time I got better and a few times I got draws of 45-60 minutes. Then I graduated to a 3x8, the draws got longer. However after fighting getting an auto draw I finally got one, WOW, so much easier.
Cupola, they are easy to build. It's common to make them the same size as the evaporator. Just make them a little house on the roof with both sides openable and closeable, from below, at floor level.

When you say “In time I got better”, what did you do differently than before? Just cracked it less?