I am glad that I have had stuff to do on the evaporator and building the sugar gazebo and deck this summer, it has kept the maple season jitters away.

In the next two to four weeks, when my brother comes to visit, I have 5 face cords of split wood, that is a year and half old, to split further into wrist sized pieces, and will surround the evaporator with the newly split wood on three sides.

Also I have string that I will run to find the path for the two new lines. I will identify the maple trees to be tapped and will measure how much tubing I will need. Each spool of line is 500 feet long. I have already purchased two 500’ rolls of tubing and need to know if I will need more. (Hope not)

I have walked up the steep incline once and have no real idea how far it is to the peak and how many maple trees there are enroute. My goal is to have 30 taps on each of the two new lines. I think with the steepness of the hill, I can get away with 30 taps per 3/16 line.

In October I will put out the actual lines. Two are actually out, with five other long ones and two short ones to put out.