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Thread: Improved Vacuum filter design. 200$ all in

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    Default Improved Vacuum filter design. 200$ all in

    I have made what I think is the simplest cleanest and cheapest vacuum filter system. I have run 75 gallons of syrup through it so far this year without a fault. The syrup is clear. Very clear. It will filter 5 gallons in 2 minutes. This is a video of the design, build and operation of it. The biggest improvement over the CDL design is the tear away filters. Just like dirt bike goggles. Enjoy.

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    That looks fabulous. What is the diameter of the pot you used? You've got a lot of surface area there to work with. I think that's part of the challenge on the smaller CDL units is that the filtering surface area is actually pretty small.
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    Nicely done.
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