Hi folks, can you help me figure out if I've made ropey syrup?

Had a batch of sap that sat around for a few days in cool but not cold temps. It got cloudy but smelled and tasted fine, so I went ahead and boiled it. Boil went normally; as I usually do, I drew off early to finish in a propane finishing pan rather than over the wood fire. The almost-finished syrup tastes good, but its texture is a little strange: it's just a little stickier than it seems like it should be, and drips when I pour out are just a little longer and stringier-looking than I'm used to seeing. Sort of seems like it might be ropey, but all the descriptions of ropey syrup are way more dramatic and gross than this. Everybody says you'll know ropey syrup when you see it, but I'm really not sure. So is there such a thing as slightly ropey syrup? Is there anything I can do to verify? I'd like to know what I'm dealing with before putting it in the finishing pan, and certainly before blending it with my previous successful batches. Any help would be great!