Hi Folks,

We're approaching the final stages of the 3rd edition of the North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual. Text is very close to being "locked" and now we're working on finalizing the figures/photos/tables.

I thought I'd ask here for photos we're still looking for. Photos should be high-resolution (1 mb or preferably higher) that illustrate certain points.

The one I'm currently looking for is:

VACUUM BOOSTER - as used in the woods, with at least a couple of mainlines coming in it and a wet and dry line coming from it. Not talking about releasers or moisture traps...but a booster (used instead of a PVC, stainless, or whip manifold).

Besides bragging rights, credit will be given in the manual for the photo used. I will also give the person supplying any photos that are used in the manual a printed copy of the manual after it comes out (probably late-summer). The decision of which photo to use (if any) will be mine entirely. We reserve the right to reject all photos and use our own photo if nothing is found to be suitable. Unsolicited photos of other things will not be considered.

Submissions should be sent via email to: Timothy.Perkins@uvm.edu within the next week.

Other requests may come later and will be posted here.

Thanks for helping.