I have two 1" mainlines meeting at my new electric releaser the releaser has two 2"fpt ports for sap. I adapted that to 1" pvc to exit my pump house (releaser is only 8" from he wall, so it's very short pvc. From there Id love to hear ideas on how to proceed. I have stainless insert x insert ball valves, I also have fpt x insert ball valves, some stainless hex nipples, stainless camlocks, treaded and barbed, and a couple barbed to tri clamp ferrules. Ideally each mainline would have the fewest fittings possible, but include a valve and some type of quick connect (camlock, tri clamp, pvc union). Anyone got a great way of going about this? I'm also not opposed to buying some tri clamp ball valves, and tri clamp to thread adapters, but I think that's gonna be more expensive than what I have on hand and I only want to do it if it's got a clear advantage over another method.