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Thread: Health issues

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    Default Health issues

    You may see me less on here this year.
    For several years I've had issues with repeated episodes of diverticulitis, so much so that surgery was scheduled to remove a bad section of my large intestine. That surgery was initially scheduled for Jan 19, but when I checked in at the hospital it was determined I again had diverticulitis, that surgery was postponed. Now I again have an appointment with the surgeon on 2/28, if she decides I'm ready, surgery has been set for the following week. Wish me luck. If I get the surgery I'll be in the hosptal a few days, then home to recover. I'll have no lifting orders for 6-8 weeks, but I hope after a week or 2 at home I'll be up to getting on this forum again.
    I have a buddy making syrup for me so I should be good there.
    I did have a meds issue and I fell last Thursday about 5 AM. My wife took me to the ER and I was there all day, as they tried to figure why I had fallen. No broken bones, but a pain in my rt side. About 6PM they did a CT scan and said my carotid arteries were clogged, and I was sent to Upstate in Syracuse. At Upstate I was tested and then they said the copy of the CT scan was not clear enough, they had to do a new one. About 3AM I was taken to get a new CT scan, about an hour or so after I got back from the new scan, the RN came and wanted me to get up and "walk around the block" with her (that was a block all in the hospital). I did, and went back to bed. About 5:00 AM, the Dr came in and said my carotid arteries were clear, that the first CT scan was too poor to read accurately. I was told I was being discharged, to call for a ride. I called my wife who was still sleeping, gave here the news, and the wheels started to turn. My youngest son rents his apartment next door from us My wife called him and inspite of freezing rain over night they came to pick me up. I got home shortly after 8:00AM.
    That day I was quite unsteady when I stood, but have gotten slowly better. Back when that happened I hadn't eaten for a whole day, nor had ant of my meds. I was given permission to eat and I had some mac and Cheese in the ambulance on the way to Upstate. The next time I ate was on my trip home, my wife brought a bottle of water, my meds and a cookie.
    Yesterday I had a follow-up Dr appt with my regular Dr. He found everything good, but had me stop one med he thought may have contributed to the issue causing me to fall. He will revisit that in 3-6 months.
    Any ways, prayers are appreciated, that I'm ready for surgery and that I do well in recovering from it and get back to all of my plans I'd had for this year.
    Thanks for listening.
    Dave Klish about 400 taps, down from much more. Retired from collecting and boiling in 2021. Mostly because of a bad hip.
    2012 Mahindra 36 HP 4x4/ loader/cab/heat/AC:-)
    3x8 raised flue evaporator
    250 GPH converted to electric, RO by Ray Gingerich
    6.32 KW solar system, 1.48KW is battery backed up, all net metered
    website: www.cnymaple.com

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    Best of luck to you Dave. Doesn't sound like any fun at all. Let us know when you're back home and recovering.
    Dr. Tim Perkins
    UVM Proctor Maple Research Ctr

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    Good luck Dave, stay positive and heal up.
    270 taps on 2 Shurflo's, 31 taps on 3/16" and 229 taps on gravity. 530 in all
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    That's a tough run, Dave. I'm glad they gave the all-clear to the arteries. I'll be thinking of you.

    Woodville Maples
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    Keeping the day job until I can start living the dream.

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    Good luck Dave, that sounds rough. Hope you start feeling better soon.
    Dave Barker
    2014 30 taps, steam tray pans
    2015 ~100 taps, in conjunction with University of Louisville
    2x5 Smoky Lake hybrid pan
    2022 150 taps

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    Good luck Dave hopefully you'll be feeling better soon and can be back on here giving us all some more of your wisdom

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    Good luck Dave. Can't wait to again read all your great feedback to everyone's problems.
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    Wife into it as much as me
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    Sorry to hear about your health issues. Thinking of you and your family. Hopefully everything gets cleared up soon and you can resume your normal activities.
    Sugaring for 45+ years
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    2022 added a used RB25 RO Bucket
    250 mostly Sugar Maples, 15% Soft Maples. Currently,(110on 3/16" and 125 on Shurflo 4008 vacuum, 15 gravity), (16,000 before being disabled)
    1947 Farmall H and Wagon with gathering tank
    2012 Kubota with forks to move wood around

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    Sorry to hear about your health issues. Best of luck; hope the surgery can happen, and that you can make a full and swift recovery.


    2016: Homemade arch from old wood stove; 2 steam tray pans; 6 taps; 1.1 gal
    2017: Same setup. 15 taps; 4.5 gal
    2018: Same setup. Limited time. 12 taps and short season; 2.2 gal
    2019: Very limited time. 7 taps and a short season; 1.8 gal
    2020: New Mason 2x3 XL halfway through season; 9 taps 2 gal
    2021: Same 2x3, 18 taps, 4.5 gal
    2022: 23 taps, 5.9 gal
    2023: 25 taps?
    All taps on buckets

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    Hi Dave,

    Sorry to hear of the troubles. Dr.'s visits and hospital stays are right up there on the list of things no one wants to do. Best of luck with it all and I hope the recuperating goes exceptionally well!

    2014 Upgrades!: 24x40 sugarhouse & 30"x10' Lapierre welded pans, wood fired w/ forced draft, homemade hood & preheater
    400 taps- half on gravity 5/16, half on gravity 3/16
    Airablo R.O. machine - in the house basement!
    Ford F-350 4x4 sap gatherer
    An assortment of barrels, cage tanks & bulk tanks- with one operational for cooling/holding concentrate
    And a few puzzled neighbors...


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