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Thread: The young ones are getting excited

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    Default The young ones are getting excited

    Almost time to tap in my neck of the woods and my kids are getting excited. The oldest, my three year old son, is asking me about every other day "oh, is today a maple sugaring day?" Then when I tell him it's too cold he says, "oh, it's not a maple sugaring day because it's too cold." He browses through the various sugaring catalogs we've got around the house. He and his sister, almost two, will be having lots of fun in the sugar shack this season. We have an 8'x8' play pen we made from PVC and snow netting/safety fence which has been in our house but we might move it to the shack so they have a designated play area.
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    That’s great to hear. Before you know it, they will be running the show!
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    Daniel way to go. keep them interested and let them help as much as possible. They will never forget it and you will forever build a stronger family bond with them. twenty years from now they will be talking about it, guaranteed.
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