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Thread: Liberty drill bit

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    Default Liberty drill bit

    I'd like to try using a proper maple tapping bit this season, but I can't justify paying the same amount in shipping for a single drill bit as the cost of it. So I looked to see what was available on Amazon. Only thing they have there in 5/16" is something from "Liberty":https://www.amazon.com/Liberty-Suppl...=3NGGMZGBCYRYU

    Anybody ever used one of these? Any good? Or should I just stick with the regular bit I've been using, and add a bit to my Bascom's order next year?

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    2019: Very limited time. 7 taps and a short season; 1.8 galls
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    There is an equipment dealer in Worthington Ma. that has the proper drill bits in stock.
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    Any F.W. Webb dealer would be able to get you the correct bit as well.
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    Here is a list of maple equipment dealers for Massachusetts that are in the dealer directory that is at the top of the page here.
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