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Thread: connecting tank to evaporator

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    Default connecting tank to evaporator

    Just finished my sugar shack build and now I'm curious how most folks go about connecting their tank to the evaporator? Specifically, I have a 275 gallon IBC tote that I'm trying to connect to a 2 inch ferrule in my evaporator. Planning to go through the shack wall with the pipe. Thanks!

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    i use clear pvc pipe threaded into the float in my flue pan.
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    Clear PVC piping is nice because you can see the sap. We use 1" clear PVC line. 1.5" outlet on our tank so we come through the wall with 1.5" stainless then have a coupling to go to 1". We have a tee in the 1"x1"X1.5" line to make a vertical sap level indicator inside the shack a couple feet down the run. We also have a drain valve after the tee that goes back out through the wall so we can rinse the tank out and not make a mess. We have 6-8" of threaded PVC out of the float box that connects to a union so we can disconnect the float box easily. A picture would be worth a thousand words right now. There's no wrong way to do it but there's some ideas for you.
    Forgot to add- we used the 1.5" stainless pipe from the tank because we had it in the cabinet and we figured if we ever had a freeze we could apply a little bit of heat to it. That would only happen if it got very cold, very quick at night. We haven't had to deal with that yet, but we did in the past when our boils were 10-12 hours instead of 3-4. We can usually time it pretty good now and avoid that situation thanks to a flexible work schedule but its there if we need it.
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