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Thread: How were the conferences - Syracuse & Vernon

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    Default How were the conferences - Syracuse & Vernon

    Just wondering what folks thought of the conferences this year in both Syracuse and Vernon? How were the seminars, the attendance and the vendors?


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    Embarrassing. We went to Syracuse. I think there were 6 maybe 8 vendors. 2 with maple products. I personally go to see the new toys and developments. The manufacturers never showed, so that was a disappointment for me. Supposedly the Canadians were worried about the border getting closed due to covid. A valid concern, but Leader didn't send anybody, to Syracuse any ways. As for the presenters, I cannot say as I didn't stay long enough to find out.
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    Four of us growing maple hobbiests including a maple trade show newbie from Mass attended the Vernon Downs conference and I would say we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was much smaller than previous years but several of the major vendors and some smaller vendors were there. The workshops that I attended were very good and there was a decent selection of topics. We scrambled at the last minute to pull together a table and gave a talk on diaphragm pumps and controls in the PM (in place of Bosworth) which had a good attendance. The venue and meals were outstanding, good evening entertainment. And one armed bandits are aptly named . Just my thoughts... Hope things get ironed out for next year.

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    I attended the Vernon show and was glad I did. I would echo Dave's review of Vernon. Many factors affected the size of the Vernon show this year, but with all things considered, it was organized as well as it could be and was well done.
    Hats off to the organizers and the F.F.A. It was great to get out and talk maple with some of the best in the business.

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