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Thread: Shurflo substitue for off grid solar pump?

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    So I'll give some more details of my sugar bush. I currently have 230 taps on 9 different 3/16" lines that see an 80' drop in elevation. I can get 28" of natural vacuum on my top trees. I have close to 100 more trees at the bottom of our sugar bush I'd like to tap that are below my current collection tanks. Unfortunately, the land there flattens out and I can possibly get 20' of elevation change over 600-700 feet. The area where my collection tanks now is tough to get to once things muddy up. If I can tie in the extra 100 below it all tied in somehow, it gets me close to the road which will make collecting much easier. This is why I am thinking of this pump set-up. For me it's two-fold:
    1. Be able to include the close to 100 additional taps
    2. Be able to pump my current lines the additional 600 or so feet closer to the road.

    I don't have power down there so the whole solar powered 12V pump appeals to me. Maybe there's a completely better way to approach this?
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    Is there any grade from the bottom 100 taps to the road? Or is it below the road? Sounds like for the number of taps, a Bosworth 12 or 24v pump would be the best to use.
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    I agree on the guzzler pump with that number of taps, or possibly multiple shurflo pumps. One for the existing lines with the outlet of the pump just transferring to the sap in a 1/2" or 3/4" line the 600 ish feet to the new road tank(I have seen many users doing this) And another pump at the new collection tank picking up the 100 new taps. That would require quite a few upgrades, like 2 separate solar panels and batteries. A transfer "mainline" and probably steel wire for that distance. If not the two pump option you could just run a Guzzler at the new roadside tank, tie your 100 new taps on mainline and continue the mainline right up the the old lines.
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    I started using a Shurflo pump 4008 on one set of gravity lines. Have about 275 taps on 5/16 tube running into 1/2" mains that go to a 3/4" main. Probably only have a total of 15' of gravity fall to my tanks. When I put the pump in line on a 12 volt deep cycle battery I had over 2.5 times the sap I normally got from just the gravity line. This will be year three on that pump, I have two other lines set up in like fashion, about 180 taps on one and about 90 on another. I have to watch weather and pull the pumps when it freezes hard as I don't know if they will take a freeze and survive. I have camloc couplers on both sides of pump in a plastic storage box to hold pump and battery. Battery life is about 30 hours before I swap out. I'm on north side of woods so don't get hardly any sun for solar charger. On a good day vacuum will be about 24 inches with these little pumps when I can find all the leaks. Any suction is better than just gravity on light slopes.

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