So... I haven't stopped thinking about sugaring since I stopped last year.
I ordered a new pan from Silver Creek, to replace my warming pans. Part of the reason is I felt like I was losing too much heat out the side, even with bricks lining the edge of the grill http://www.maplesyruppans.com/index....&product_id=93

This baby fits right over the 3 "turkey" burners, I am SUPER excited to try it out.

I also after going back and forth for months, got an RO bucket, the RB10. I only expect to have 40-50 taps this season and most likely at MOST 75 in the next 5-6 years.

I just got my order of glass and taps (and a couple metal tins) for the season and I think I may this weekend, start cutting some drop lines. It is still too early around here to tap for sure, but I am itching to start getting things ready.

Last season I ended up with about 145 OZ total which was awesome. This year I am hoping for 3-5 gallons. I also am going to make candy again, and I think i am gong to take some down to granulated sugar. I have always wanted to do that. Hey next Christmas, sugar cookies can be MAPLE sugar cookies!