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Thread: cheap buckets

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    Default cheap buckets

    I'm sure a lot of people are aware of this, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I purchased used food grade buckets at a local bakery, (Sturgeon Falls, Ontario) they were used for muffin mix. I bought them for $2 a bucket with lid. Capacity is approx. 9litres.

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    If you need more containers, Tim Hortons give away for free their containers that held the fondant. I have a few of those, I use them for collecting the sap from the tree containers.

    For on the trees I use ice cream containers that you get from the stores that sell ice cream cones. Those ones don't have lids but I sit them on the ground or inside a non food grade 5 gallon pail. The nice thing with the ice cream container is that the lid comes off easy for dumping out the sap. I drill a hole tight to the diameter of the tube and don't get water and garbage in my sap.
    2021 - Year one. 15 taps using 5/16" and drop tube into buckets. Homemade barrel evaporator with 2 steam trays. 4.7L syrup.

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