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Thread: maple seeds

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    Default maple seeds

    I've lived in the same location for 16 years. I have never seen the amount of sugar maple seeds that have fallen than this year. Anyone else seeing the same thing?

    41.457 x -72.907 148 elevation
    2x4 wood fired evaporator with the "Hercules Blower"
    hybrid pan by Smoky Lake
    103 taps. 44 on gravity
    All sugar Maples
    7" filter press
    10 x 12 sugar shack
    two very helpful kids
    a wife that thinks I'm nuts
    goats and chickens and a sugar dog named Willow

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    I've noticed high seed rates for maple species (sugar, silver, red, box elder) as well as hickory, walnut, red bud, black locust, and kousa and flowering dogwood. I have not noticed large crops from oak, elm, or beech. nor from ash, but i sorta put them in a category of their own due to other issues.

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