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Thread: Front Pan Levels

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    Default Front Pan Levels

    Hello all,

    As I was boiling last season on my rig I got to thinking between draw offs why don't they put a laser etching on the inside of the float box of the front pan with depths maybe at 1/2 inch increments? As you all know when boiling or particularly drawing off in a small rig like mine you are close to the edge especially if you are running at lower depths in the syrup pan. Things can get pretty interesting in my small rig when I am drawing off as the float can have a hard time keeping up with the drawoff as I tend to make syrup pretty far back in the pan. I tend to spend a lot of time getting things back in balance after drawing. I know that is not the norm as many people say set it and forget it but that is not the experience I have with this small pan. I am finishing the syrup on the rig. I was looking at some laser etched sockets I have and said to myself boy wouldn't that be nice to have with depths on the pans just to make it easier at start up etc. to see where your depths were at. I now use a stainless ruler to make sure I am at a proper depth at start up and quite often as I am boiling to make sure I am where I need to be. Anyway just a random thought. Wondering if anyone else has thought about this.

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    Might be useful, however any type of scratch or roughness on a pan surface acts as a place for scale-type niter to build up.
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    For my syrup pan I know the top of the cutout from the float box to the rear channel is exactly 2" and that's what I use to set my depth.
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    Stainless is quite reflective

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    Quote Originally Posted by ennismaple View Post
    For my syrup pan I know the top of the cutout from the float box to the rear channel is exactly 2" and that's what I use to set my depth.
    That's exactly what I do and it's easier to lock into without so much steam. I can also tell when I'm reaching drawoff as the boiling bubbles extend into the box.
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    I also always used the cut out into the draw off box. 2" opening, I kept the pan at 1", easy to see.
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