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Thread: Filtering recommendations

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    Default Filtering recommendations

    As my hobby maple syrup operation progresses each year the part I struggle with the most is filtering. I am currently using cone filters which are messy and slow. I am considering the 9 CDL Vacuum filter system or a flat filter system. Id appreciate hearing advice, recommendations and experience people have had. Thank you.
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    You see a lot of people struggle with cones. Filtering is the most aggravating part of syrup making, but necessary. Search through the threads there are literally thousands of post on it. I use flat filters that my wife makes for me. I use a wire basket that hangs in a 16 qt pot and she sews them up to fit, so I am using every bit of surface area. I usually gilter about a half gallon at a time.
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    I second that. gravity. I have my mother sew them for me. my canner is a little bigger, as I filter 10 gallons at a time. If it is hot enough goes right through. I use 1 Oregon filter on the bottom and 5-7 prefilters on top if filtering slows I slowly remove one prefilter.
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    I used to struggle with the cone filters too, but getting the optimizer cone filter rack was a game changer.

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    You can build a vacuum filter for pretty cheap. Works far better than gravity / cone filters. Key is to use diatomaceous earth with the right filter papers.

    I built one and it worked great but last year went to a smokylake stainless filter press and loved it. Would never go back to vacuum or gravity. Its fast, easy to clean, incredible results, and isn't much more $ than the CDL vacuum units.
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    Ditto on the Optimizer. I've used 2 in tandem for years and filter right off the evaporator. I have an RO and they can keep up. Last year, I made the jump to boiling 11% concentrate which I think was about 3+ gallons per hour of syrup and I was good. There was just one tough boil after a long warm spell that was a little nerve-wracking, but I got through it. If I was to continue on the cheap, I'd probably buy a third Optimizer for nights like that. At $60 each, it's the most bang for your buck you are going to get with gravity filtering.

    That said, like D. Roseum, I made the jump to a filter press this off season. I considered the vacuum filter as a next step, but decided to make the bigger move at once. I've always wanted to try a press.
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    I ordered the 9 inch CDL vacuum at the Bascom open house. I have used the cone filters the last two seasons. They actually have worked pretty well for me. Using a sailors hat method by just inverting the filter with a pre-filter was good but as you all know we are looking for ways to improve efficiency every year. I looked at many videos online of sugar makers using these vacuum presses in their operations and seemed like a good idea to me. Yes you can build one however my wife would rather pony up the money to buy one then have me spending hours fabricating in the garage. I came to the same conclusion on a R/O and ordered the Nano for this year.

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    In my six years sugaring, I struggled with the cone filters like everyone, then went to flat filtering for the last 3 years, and its been a huge improvement, efficiency and quality wise. Im quite happy with it but of course want to keep improving, so Im looking into the vacuum filter or maybe filter press as upgrades. Id like to keep the cost down so the vacuum filter
    Sounds better but it has some downsides Im looking into. A used filter press might be a good investment although its over my budget.
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    Aren't most things maple related over our budgets. that's what my wife tells me all the time.
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    I have the CDL bucket filter. I have yet to try it, but it has the diameter a 5 gallon bucket for the syrup to pass through the filter. It seems like a winner, but I have not seen a single post on them. CDL recommended them to me.

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