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Thread: Best Resource to Properly Install 3/16" Gravity System?

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    Default Best Resource to Properly Install 3/16" Gravity System?

    I'm thinking of tapping my sugar bush next year in Albany, VT.

    I have two sugar bushes, one of which is quite close to my barn and farmhouse. I'm hoping the closest one has enough elevation drop to install a few lines dumping into a 275 gallon tote. The plan would be to replace a tote with sap with an empty tote and bring the tote with sap with my tractor to my outside evaporator (yet to be purchased).

    What's the best resource(s) for learning how to install 3/16"?
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    Tons of incredible info on here and by proctor research center (youtube) regarding 3/16 install. Would not even pretend this is the best, but its a simple and straightforward video of us doing our 3/16 install.

    Install: https://youtu.be/FYQFpBrbSd4

    You want good slope and ~15 trees per lateral. Minimize excessive zig-zaging, and have good elevation drop after your last tap. A small diaphragm pump (aquatec or shurflo) can increase the vacuum and yields for reasonable cost.

    Vacuum: https://youtu.be/ni3ScN3lhZs
    D. Roseum
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAgain View Post
    What's the best resource(s) for learning how to install 3/16"?
    Noting beats seeing a system in person. Find a producer near you that uses 3/16" tubing and go visit them. The problem is that you don't know for sure if what they're doing is right or not. If you don't know anyone who sugars near you, go ask for recommendations at the Pick & Shovel (Newport, VT) or call Ciera there. Nice folks and very helpful -- mostly CDL equipment. If you prefer another equipment manufacturer, call them and ask for a producer near you who does a good job.
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