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Thread: For those that have made an oil tank evaporator...

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    Default For those that have made an oil tank evaporator...

    Anything you would do differently? Anything you would have added or something you didn't need?

    I'm planning on building one and I was going to go with the style of leaving the back section the full height of the tank. Something similar to this one:

    But I was wondering if a fully flat top would be better so I could put preheating pans on that area around the chimney. Something similar to this:

    Any downsides to the second type?
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    I have always liked the looks of the first one. I don't believe there would be a downside to either of them. My first one was more like the second model and we used metal coffee cans to pre heat sap. the only difference was they had the stack coming out the back of the evaporator instead of the top.
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    I built mine like the first. I think it is a bit more efficient in terms of air flow than the second design. I would go out the back and do more of a hood if I needed a different style.

    My one comment on the first one pictured is that pre heater is not in a great spot as there will be heat on the side of that pan which will potentially leave scorch marks on the side of it and will not let you run it empty.

    I don't find preheating sap to be that important. Better off trickling it in at any temp and it will be fine.

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