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Thread: Flat VS Divided

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    Default Flat VS Divided

    Hello all Just a big shout out to the M.T. site I caught the bug 3 years ago and thanks to all of you for different ideas what a wealth of knowledge you all are I am currently batch boiling on a 31 by 48 modified v bottom flat pan with a hood and parallel flow preheater Im getting around 20 gph right now I was thinking about switching to a divided flat pan and was wondering if anyone knows what the difference in boil rates would be current pan 16 gauge new one would hopefully be 20 or 22 gauge

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    That's pretty sweet for ten square feet. What is a v bottom flat pan?

    2016: Homemade arch from old woodburning stove. 2 steam tray pans. 6 taps on buckets. 1.1 galls
    2017: Same homemade evaporator, but souped up. Still 2 steam tray pans. 15 taps on buckets. 4.5 galls
    2018: Same setup. Limited time. 12 taps and short season. 2.2 gallons
    2019: Still very limited time. Downsized to 7 taps and a short season. 1.8 gallons
    2020: 9 taps, new Mason 2x3 XL halfway through season, 2 gallons
    2021: 18 taps. Mason 2x3 XL, 4.5 galls

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