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Thread: Green Tubing

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    Default Green Tubing

    When interviewing a new member of are maple association, a question came up if I or anyone I know that has tubing had observed the same thing this new member had noticed? He said he has minimal squirrel damage with green tubing, they worked his blue tubing to the point that he is not going to use blue tubing again! Anyone else notice the difference?
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    i haven't noticed any more squirrel chews on any particular color of tubing. one thing i have noticed with green tubing, is i tend to get much more mold and gunk growing in them than i do with blue tubing! not sure if its due to the green being darker and creating more heat from the sun or what's up with that?
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    I've not heard a lot about squirrels favoring one color over another. Seems like they get used to what is there and chew on it. Maybe they're just unsure about the new color temporarily and will start in again after a little time has passed....maybe not.

    There is essentially no research on lateral line tubing color effects on anything, but I believe that Centre Acer started doing some research on the topic of lateral/drop line color and sap quality last year. No results that I've heard of yet.
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