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Thread: Grant's

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    Default Grant's

    A few years ago at the CT maple meeting in January, someone spoke about getting grants.

    He received grants for just about everything in his sugar house, I THINK including the sugar house. I am just a little guy, hoping some day to get bigger, but I was wondering exactly HOW and where to go to get grants for everything from the building to a new pan and an RO. I figure it is worth a shot since I need it all anyway, I might as well see if my tax money will pay for it in this state.

    I know there is this https://portal.ct.gov/DOAG/Marketing...t---FB-Program
    I feel like there was a lot more than that one grant however. Obviously it was a few years ago so the same grant's may not be there, but does anyone have an idea of where to start?

    Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post it here as well.
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    My 2 cents

    I assume that grants are only available for projects involving research, initiating commercial growth of a new market/industry, increased employment in disadvantaged areas (for the general public, not just for grant recipient), education, etc.

    I wouldn't expect taxpayer funded grants to further a hobby or business enterprise as the grants main objective. And, I'd be disappointed in the use of my tax dollars if it did.

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    Check with the Dept. of Ag. in your state or your state maple association. They will have all the info you need. With 19 taps and only 2 years under your belt you have a long way to go before the state will be giving you any money. Also most grants are reimbursement grants meaning you have to spend the money first before they give you any.
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    Apparently the NRCS has very generous grants directed at energy efficiency that many sugarmakers have received. I'm going to start looking into them this year.
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