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Thread: Polycarbonate vs. nylon spiles

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    Default Polycarbonate vs. nylon spiles

    I have been using polycarbonate spiles for the past three years, but am considering to switching to a different spile that is made of nylon. Is there any disadvantage of using nylon spiles over polycarbonate? Is nylon more prone to breaking when installing or removing the spiles? Is one type better than the other for sealing in the tap hole?
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    In general, polycarbonate spouts tend to "stick" in the tree better than nylon, resulting in a lower tendency to heave and need to be reseated in the taphole. This is likely due to less moisture absorption from the air and the tree into polycarbonate compared to nylon. Polycarbonate can be a bit more brittle in terms of the substance, but a lot depends upon the particular spout design, so it is more variable than just the composition of the spout. Under certain conditions and designs, nylon can be brittle also.
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    try a different polycarbonate spout. you will miss the ease of finding hollow trees/backed out spiles, and they seal much better. have had excellent luck with the 1st gen lapierre elbow spouts, none leaking down the tree and they hold tubing quite well.
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