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Thread: Need more taps!

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    Default Need more taps!

    I am looking for more maple trees in Central mass.

    I would appreciate information from Anyone with any news on new viable sugarbushes.

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    I have noticed that sugar maples are very obvious in aerial photos taken in early May and can be identified on google earth images taken during that month. There are 3 main tells - color, intensity of foliage, and texture of foliage as shown on the screen shot (sorry for quality but I can't make it better).

    Screenshot (163).jpg

    The image is from May 15, 2015 at about 800 ft above the terrain. Hopefully you can find a google earth image for your area of interest around that date. From the photo you can clearly see the large stand of sugar maples on the right. The trees on the left are a mix of hickory, ash, red maples, hardhack, oak, and is mostly void of mature sugar maples. The color is a brighter green. The leaves are obviously fuller and more developed than other trees. And the texture looks like broccoli heads.

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    Is Ashburnham considered central Mass to you?
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