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Thread: Second R/O

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    Default Second R/O

    I'm curious if anyone has installed a second r/o rather than adding another membrane to a 600 gph unit. I'm considering doing this to enable me to concentrate to higher brix in a single pass and also give redundancy. If one failed, I'd still be able to process sap. On big runs like we had last week, a 600 isn't quite enough.

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    You might want to PM JohnJenner on MT as this is what he did this past season.
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    an additional post will be more cost effective in the sort term. I was looking at the 2 RO route a while back, but in the end just decided to go with 1 that had multiple pressure pumps for redundancy which may be an option for you as well.

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    The owner of 5400 tap operation we worked for in Byron had 2 CDL 600 RO's. He was always around so keeping up with sap was not an issue. He did add a 3rd tower to concentrate to higher brix. Not sure of his settings but he was getting 19 brix in 1 pass with 3 towers. The other RO was just a spare. He bought it used for a decent price and it saved his butt more than once when one of the pumps went and another time when the turbo went. I am not sure why he went with a tower vs. having 2 in tandem but I will ask him. Probably the plumbing work and RO room size was part of it.
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