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Thread: Backpack cleaning kit with harness and dozer & isporpoyl alcohol

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    Default Backpack cleaning kit with harness and dozer & isporpoyl alcohol

    I bought Backpack cleaning kit with harness and dozer from CDL and I tried to clean my lines. I pulled all my drops and let them drain, leaving the lines void of any sap. I started from the lowest tap squirted in the isopropyl alcohol from the dozer (pressure gun) into each drop and placed the spile into the holder for the season. So as I was told the isopropyl alcohol remains in the lines until next March. My issue was with the "dozer". It would not fill up from the backback container of isopropyl alcohol. It did not suck up enough isopropyl alcohol (12 ml), so I had to give each drop a few blasts from the dozer. It works on the same principal as a water gun. Fill the water gun and with each squeeze you get the same volume of water until you run out of water in the reservoir. The dozer was extraordinarly hard to squeeze and had to do so for 3 or 4 times on each drop to get the specified 12 ml of ispropyl alcohol into each drop..........long story. Has anyone had a similar experience? In Canada ispropyl alcohol is legal.
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    I know some use a aspirator bottle and from what I've seen it appears to do okay.
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