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Thread: Drop flue bottom cleaning

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    Default Drop flue bottom cleaning

    How do you clean soot from underside of drop flue pan

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    During the season, I use flue brush on the end of a pole. https://bascommaple.com/products/bld...68377a6d&_ss=r

    I actually found the same style of brush in the BBQ section of Ocean State Job Lot for something like $2. I cut off the plastic handle and wedged the wire into the end of an adjustable pole I used to use for putting up Christmas lights up high.

    After the season, I used to take the pan off and hit the flues with EZ Off. I haven't done that in years and I don't see any difference in the boil.
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    I use a grill brush everyday before I boil for loose soot. After season, I used to work at making it shine again then I realized it only took one boil and it was all sooted up again. Now I power wash and scrape what comes off easy and call it done.
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    This is what I do as well. Take the pan off, brush off all the loose stuff then soak it with oven cleaner. Let it sit a couple hours then hit it with the pressure washer. Gets it clean enough for me. It's never going to be perfect.
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