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Thread: Cast iron alternative for arch.

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    Default Cast iron alternative for arch.

    My arch is showing some serious signs of age and wear. The front has a large crack above the door and the back at the flue is scaling away pretty fast.
    Has anyone built something that handles the heat like the cast does?
    Can you just buy the front and back cast iron pieces and finish it yourself?

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    I don't know what cast arch pieces may be available for DIY retrofits. However, I know many guys who rebuilt existing arches or built new ones with mild steel, myself included. The key is insulating and bricking properly so you protect the steel from the high heat. It does not hold up to the heat like cast does. But insulated steel will give you years of issue free service- mine has.

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    If you have a new enough arch from a manufacturer that is still in business you should be able to buy the replacement castings.

    A better alternative would be to have a local metal shop build you an airtight front out of mild steel. Put a squirrel cage blower on the back side of your arch so that it blows under the grates. Good insulation and bricking will keep it from warping and you gain a lot of efficiency.

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    Also, if you try a foundry after the season, they should be able to make anything you need. There must be some near you in PA. If not, try Oneida Foundry, Sorry, I just looked to get their contact info and it says they are permanently closed.
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