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Thread: Surflow distance

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    Default Surflow distance

    I don't have many taps (about 15ish) but I would LOVE to use vacuum and try and get as much as I can from my few trees on my property. I now it might not be the most efficient given the few trees, but I think it could actually be pretty fun to see at my house, and it would make collecting "easier" pumping it all into 1 collection tank that I can stick into the woods away from most sun, and then have it gravity feed into my pan :-)

    So I have a couple questions

    #1 how far can the pump handle? The furthest trees are about 300-400 feet apart.
    #2 can it handle any vertical? 4 of the taps are about 20-30 feet lower than the rest of the taps.

    My thought was to have 2 runs and have the pump roughly in the middle so that it's at most 200 feet to the furthest trees. This was roughly where I wanted to put the tank anyway so if that is possible I think that's how I wanted to do it.
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    It will pull it if you are using 3/16 tubing. You get some frictional losses with longer lines so if you can shorten them that would be best. I have a couple runs that are 500' which I cannot shorten.

    If you have to lift sap, you lose vacuum on that branch.

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    I would not plan on any ladder type rise from anything less than full vacuum because they don't have much CFM, which is needed for success with ladders. I used a Guzzler pump for our first introduction to vacuum. It was a great improvement over gravity. I think our total mainline (mostly 3/4" and some 1") was about 2000' total. We had about 400 taps on our single Guzzler.

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