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Thread: what's going on NH, been really quiet

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    Sep 2017
    Wilton, NH


    Tapped in all my lines over the last two days (100). Warm up coming this week. Will probably hang my buckets mid-week.
    2017 - 3 taps hanging buckets. Turkey fryer evap.
    2017-2018 Caught a bad case of the maple bug. Built a 55 gal. barrel evap. and homemade RO
    2018 - 32 taps on 5 gal. buckets.
    2019 - New Mason 2x4 XL. 80 taps - 50 on 5 gal. buckets, 30 on 3/16 tubing
    2020 - Barn / Sugarhouse finished. 125 taps, all on 3/16 tubing. 100 on (2) Sureflo Vac set-ups
    2021 - First season in new Sugarhouse - 157 taps, 100 on 3/16 tubing w/two Shurflo set-ups, the rest on buckets

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    Oct 2012
    Southern NH


    Beginning to get equipment ready to tap this week. I plan to tap Tues/Wednesday and hopefully get a little sap. The weather is looking favorable in southern NH later this week and next.
    2021 - 25 taps - all buckets
    2020 - 19 taps - highest producing trees
    2019 - 19 taps
    2018 - 16 buckets
    2017 - 20 taps - keeping it smaller -
    2016 - 33 taps - fewer taps, but only the highest producing trees from 2015 - we'll see.
    2015 - 41 taps - all buckets!
    2014 - 42 taps - all buckets!
    2013 - 34 taps - all buckets!
    2012 - First year - 21 taps in our backyard - block arch evaporator with 3 steam table pans!

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    Mar 2013
    Merrimack, NH


    I was able to tap on Friday in Merrimack. 660 taps in, yesterday on three of my 4 bushes I had sap running. Nothing to boil yet, but its starting!!
    2021 Twin Baby Boys, Close to 650 taps
    2020 Upgraded RO to 2 post and 7GBS Gould Pump. 265 taps
    2019 New Smoky Lake 2x6 raised flue, Simplicity Autodraw system, The Maple Guys Maple Jet Filter Press, a beautiful new bride to be my sugaring partner :-)
    2018 Deployed
    2017 Expanded Sugar Shack, new 2x6 with float box, NEXTgen Maple RO, 250+ taps (I hope for 300), still on sap sacks
    2016 New Sugar Shack, 2x6 evaporator, 160 taps, all on Sap Sacks
    2015 Deployed
    2014 110 taps
    2013 35 taps

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    Mar 2020
    Danbury, NH


    Finally completed my shack build yesterday. Got the stove pipe through the roof and was able to make my vent flap fully functional with some garage door hinges. I've got about 30 taps in with at least another 30 to go. No sap coming yet and it's snowing and 25 here today.shack.jpg
    50 taps on sugar and red maples
    Smoky Lake Dauntless 2x4 divided pan
    New 12x16 shack
    '03 Artic Cat Pantera to gather the buckets!
    Wife, Chocolate Lab and Black Lab for quality control
    Bishop Brady High School '96
    Hamilton College '00
    Boston University School of Law '05

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    Mar 2011
    Haverhill, Ma


    Nice work....got any snow up there?
    2019 - New 12X12 boiling pavilion
    2018 - New Mason 2X3 Hobby XL and homemade RO
    2017 - 49 taps on gravity, 6 on buckets.
    2016 - 19 taps on new 3/16 tubing, 24 on buckets
    2015 - 51 taps, 26 buckets
    2014 - 50 taps, 14 buckets, steel railroad toolbox converted into arch, new 2X3 continuous flow Phaneuf from Homestead Maple
    2013 - 33 taps, 12 buckets, steel railroad toolbox converted into arch, steam table pans
    2012 - 26 taps, 10 buckets, steel railroad toolbox converted into arch, steam table pans

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    Apr 2014
    Wakefield,New Hampshire


    Took my annual trip to Bascom's on Friday to stock up on everything for the season. Started cleaning up the sugarhouse this past weekend. I really need to stop using it as storage in the off season, it's always a pain moving everything out in February. Planning to start tapping this Friday and through the weekend. Usually tap around 260 or so but got access to some more trees nearby so i will be aiming for 400-450 taps this season. I've gotta do something to help feed this CDL 250 RO i just got.

    Weather is starting to turn for us and the season is pretty much here for most of us NH folk. Wishing you all a sweet season.
    6th season solo sugar maker in a young sugar bush of mostly red maples
    260 taps
    2x6 self built arch, Flat pans w/ dividers
    New 12x16 sugar house

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    May 2018
    Hudson NH


    Tapping tomorrow in Hudson. Tubing this year for about 75 percent of my taps. Will be about 52 taps and all Sugar Maples this year. Looks like the weather is finally on the move for us. Plenty of snow even here in the south.

    19x48 mini pro oil fired
    6x12 sugar house off back of shed
    2019- 50 taps all buckets- 6 Gallons syrup made
    2020 -50 taps, more Sugar Maples, with some Reds- 6 gallons made
    2021- 46 taps- 26 on 3/16 tubing, 19 buckets - All Sugar Maples this year
    Two kids one patient wife
    "The days are long, but the years are short"

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    Apr 2009
    east kingston, nh


    definitely been quiet here. you all got to get your own threads going for 2021!!!
    may your sap be at 3%

    585 or so on Vacuum, about 60 on bucket and tubing
    Welsh 1397 vein pump and a Lap mech vert releaser
    Brand new for 2020 MES horizontal electric releaser
    2x6 ss phaneuf Drop flue, Leader woodsaver blower, homemade hood
    300gph H2O RO
    husquvarna 562 XP
    the 2021 season is here!!!

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