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Thread: Prescribed fire in a sugarbush

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    Deer have no problem with maple tubing. They'll go under, over or around it without any problem (except perhaps an occasional test chew to see if it's edible). Moose will do the same, unless they're in a real hurry.
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    i have lines anywhere from knee high to above my head... and in between. i have a whole lot of deer going through the bush. the 2 cameras, i keep out there all year long, are constantly getting pics. the deer use my main line paths as a "road" more or less. In fact, tubing can help you shoot deer..my wife got her first deer this past year right as one was ducking under a main line.
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    The deer will adapt to the tubing fairly quickly . They easily go under, over and around the lines throughout our woods. There are several sections we know will always have lateral lines chewed off because a deer gnaws on it at some point during the year. We fix them and move on.

    We have several food plots in our sugar bush in old pastures and an old section of hay field. The deer filter in and out of it from the cedar swamps but bucks don't tend to spend time in them during daylight hours. They have dozens of trails through the sugar bush and there are several bedding areas on hilltops right beside maples we are tapping. They'll stand there and watch me drive past on the tractor. We also hunt turkey and bear in the sugar bush. Natural regeneration happens when you get caterpillar infestations or when trees get blown over because it opens up the canopy and more sunlight gets to the forest floor. Selective logging of non maples or co-dominant maples can also accomplish this.
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