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Thread: 2021 Season

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    We collected 160 gallons yesterday(2 days running). Still looks good and can't see any buds and no frogs.
    We are going to cook this and be done. Should end up with about 33 to 34 gallons of syrup. Really good year for us.
    Family taped for many years
    started again 2009 after 25 year break with 40 taps
    2011 60 taps
    2016 90 taps

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    Just about done washing up here (a 2-3 week process for me!).
    Very good year. I was expecting less than average due to it being so dry and little snow cover.
    2nd best year ever. 110 taps
    1100 collected
    900 cooked
    19 1/2 Syrup
    Ran out of jars and low on wood. I dumped the last couple hundred, about half still in buckets.
    I use the r/o bucket kit with 3 membranes in "Parallel" - one pass doubles the brix and it does about 15-20 gph. This has changed the ball game for me! Cut my cooking in half!!!
    Bought the last case of qt jars with caps and lids from Amazon - they were $ 3 each!!!! None to be had locally.
    I lose a lot of product in cooking/finishing/filtering - guessing at least 10%
    Anyway, 2021 expectations greatly exceeded. SAP On!

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