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Thread: Cleaning the maple butter machine

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    Default Cleaning the maple butter machine

    We have a CDL maple butter machine ( the smaller one) ,made our biggest batch today,45 jars,had to bottle some up before we finished pouring the pot of syrup in. Anyway,have always heated syrup up to clean the machine prior to cleaning it with hot water. Just wondering if there is anything out there to clean the butter out of the tube,probably amount to another jar which could be bottled and sold rather than mixing it with hot syrup for another time. Even with the hot syrup I find I am still losing butter in the tube when I wash it out with hot water. Looked at CDL catalog and they donít have anything listed,not sure if other companies do,or has anyone made something of their own to clean out the tube?
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    I use nothing but real hot water,about 1/2 gallon and i do it 2 times and the tube is always clean

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarman3 View Post
    I use nothing but real hot water,about 1/2 gallon and i do it 2 times and the tube is always clean
    I'm pretty sure he is talking about the collecting the cream that is left in the pipe that returns to the funnel after you finish the last batch. I personally use a long knife to scoop out as much of the cream as possible. I have considered trying to find some type of plunger that is similar size to the id of the pipe to push all the cream out. I can usually get most of it out with the knife from both ends though before rinsing the machine with hot water.
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    Use some blue mainline tubing with a cap in the end and push the cream out.

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