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Thread: Backwards evaporator or operator

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    Default Backwards evaporator or operator

    Just built my mild steel evaporator, 20 x 30 with one divider and a 20 X 10 x 10 warming pan. Its on a barrel stove. Worked good and gave me almost 2 gal syrup on first batch. Trouble is this. When I did my test batch the half of the pan toward the flu boiled hard but the front wouldn't. So, I turned the pan around with the warming pan on the front and ran it. It worked, doesn't feel right. Thoughts?? Picture is from the test burn. I had the warming pan on the front and the draw spigot on the back during the sap cook. thumbnail_Screenshot_20210116-145512.jpg

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    Do what works best, neither is wrong. The one that boils faster is the winner!
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    You might want to try to build your fire closer to the front nearer the door. Is “nearer” a word?
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