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Thread: Your sugar house elevation?

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    May 2013
    Sugar Camp, Wisconsin


    The lake next to our land (Sand Lake, Sugar Camp Chain of Lakes, Sugar Camp Wisconsin) is at 1597 but we start about 5 feet higher from lake level and the land slopes up from there about 15 feet to the back of the 55 acres. The trees further from the lake seem to "dispense" earlier than the few close to the lake. I think things thaw out faster further from the lake in spring? Its all mixed woods but more old growth hemlock near the lake, more birch, pine, and popple further from it. Jay
    Zucker Lager

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    Mar 2009
    Ashtabula County, Ohio


    About 1043 feet above sea level in NE Ohio near Pa border.
    1000 taps on vac down to 3 buckets, 140 taps on gravity tubing, 75 on 4008 Shurflo
    2x7 A&A Raised Flue
    CDL 18" vacuum filter
    NGMP 100 HPRO RO
    2019 Kawasaki Mule Pro MX, Long 510 sap haulers
    Past evaporators: Phaneuf 2x6, A&A 2.5x10, Smoky Lake 2x8 (oil then wood fired)
    Syrup made 2010:36 gal 2011:126 gal 2012:81 gal 2013:248 gal 2014: 329.5 gal 2015:305 gal 2016:316 gal 2017:258 gal 2018:147 gal 2019:91 gal 2020: 30 gal
    Tapping the same trees my great, great and great grandfathers tapped.

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    Mar 2008
    Lake County Ohio


    We're right around 970' on north side of Little Mountain - Lake and Geauga County line
    John Allin

    14x18 Hemlock Timber Frame Sugar House 2009
    Leader 2x6 w/Patriot Raised Flue Pan 2009
    Leader Steam Hood 2014 - Clear Filter Press 2015
    Leader Revolution Pan and SS Pre-Heater 2016
    CDL Hobby RO & Air Tech L25 Hi Vac Pump 2019
    06' Gator HPX to collect wood & sap
    14' Ski-Doo Tundra for winter work in the woods
    Great Family 3 grown kids+spouses and 7 grand kids who like the woods
    7th Gen Born in Canada - Raised in Chardon Ohio - Maple Capital of the World..<grin>.

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    Apr 2005
    Northwest PA


    Right around 1250’ just east of PA/OH boarder.
    12 x 16 Sugarhouse, 12 x 16 Woodshed
    2 x 8 “The Mutt” evaporator
    Leader oil fired arch, Dallaire raised flue, Smoky Lake syrup pan and hoods with pre-heater
    5" Hand Pump Filter Press from Daryl-One of the first three!
    250 gal/hr RO from Ray Gingerich - Deer Run Maple
    Marcland Drawoff
    A Very Understanding Wife
    And Alot to Learn!
    "At any time during the day you're only 10 seconds from disaster!"


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    Jan 2013
    Deposit, NY


    1100 feet in Delaware County, NY
    75-80 buckets
    RO Bucket RB10
    Homemade oil tank arch
    Homemade stainless pans
    12x16 Sugar Shack (new 2020)

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    Apr 2014
    Wakefield,New Hampshire


    Sugar house sitting at around 980ft, lowest point where i collect most sap is 700ft with lots of sun exposure.
    6th season solo sugar maker in a young sugar bush of mostly red maples
    260 taps
    2x6 self built arch, Flat pans w/ dividers
    New 12x16 sugar house

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    Mar 2020
    Salisbury, NH


    I have tubing that runs from about 1060' down to about 960', and another 40 buckets that sit around the 940' - 920' mark. All are East facing.
    1990's: Dad ran a buckets and cinder block evaporator, dragged us kids along.
    2020: 35 buckets over a cinder block evaporator
    2021: Smoky Lake Dauntless with a divided pan. 45 taps on 3/16 tubing and another 45 buckets. Set up in a Lean-to off the side of the shed

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