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Thread: Your sugar house elevation?

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    Wow, looks like I'm the lowest elevation so far. My sugarhouse is at 432' elevation, the highest tap is about 445'.
    I'm sure others are lower, but not so far in this thread. I know of another who has not chimed in yet, if he posts it will be lower still.
    Back when I had 2 leases my highest tap was almost 2000' elevation.
    Dave Klish about 400 taps, down from much more. Will hold about the same for 2021
    2012 Mahindra 36 HP 4x4/ loader/cab/heat/AC:-)
    3x8 raised flue evaporator
    250 GPH converted to electric, RO by Ray Gingerich
    6.32 KW solar system, 1.48KW is battery backed up, all net metered
    website: www.cnymaple.com

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    I have less than 100 taps this year. 2/3 of them are around 200', 1/3 are at about 350'. My sugar ranges from 1.7%-2.1%. My shack is around 230'.
    2014 6 Taps Block Arch and momas canning pot, 3 gallons YIKES

    2019 100 taps and a new adventure with a home built arch.

    2020 90 taps, my wife and I and a Bucket RO...

    2021 112 taps and a modified Bucket RO.

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    I'm at around 880' in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains.

    Last edited by berkshires; 01-15-2021 at 11:46 AM. Reason: fix elevation number
    2016: Homemade arch from old woodburning stove. 2 steam tray pans. 6 taps on buckets. 1.1 gall syrup
    2017: Same homemade evaporator, but souped up. Still 2 steam tray pans. 15 taps on buckets. 4.5 galls syrup.
    2018: Same setup. Limited time. 12 taps and short season. 2.2 gallons syrup.
    2019: Still very limited time. Downsized to 7 taps and a short season. 1.8 gallons syrup
    2020: 9 taps, new Mason 2x3 XL halfway through season, 2 gallons syrup
    2021: 17 taps on Mason 2x3 XL

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    My sugar house is at the 900 foot mark.
    2004 - 2012 2x3 flat pan 25 to 60 taps
    2012 2x3 new divided pan w/draw off 55 taps
    2018 - didn't boil surgery - bought new evaporator
    2019 new SML 2x4 raised flue high output evap. 65 taps
    made 17 gal syrup
    2020 - only put out 53 taps - made 16.25 gal syrup
    2021 - going for 50 bags and 50 on tubing

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    Sugar shack is about 550, sugar bush ranges from 620 to 980.
    Minehart Gap Maple

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    We are at about 1050' of Elevation. We are are the west side just over a peak. Sun hits us about 0930 or so in the morning. There is another sugarhouse about 50 below our elevation about 1/4" mile away. We had 425 taps with vacuum and they had about 800 with no vacuum. We made almost the same number of gallons per year. They had some pretty light color syrup. Many of their trees are roadside and our are in the woods and on ledge.

    Tapping since 1985 (four generations back to early to mid 1900s). 200-250 taps on buckets and then tubing in the mid 90s. 2013- 275 taps w/sap puller 25 gal. 2014-295 taps w/sap puller 55 ga. (re-tapped to vacuum theory) 2015-330 taps full vac. 65 gal, 2016-400 taps 105 gal, 2017-400 taps 95 gal. 2018-additional 800' mainline and maybe 400 new taps for a total near 800 taps. 2x6 Leader WSE (last year on it) supported by a 250 gph RO.

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    My sugarhouse is at 1680’ and is at the base of the sugarbush which ends at 2,400ft elevation. Not unusual to see wild swings in temperatures from the valley to the sugarhouse to the top of the sugarbush.
    3x10 Leader Inferno Arch
    14,200 Taps
    2 - 14 HP Indiana Vacuum pump
    1800gph Lapierre RO
    10" Lapierre filter press
    2 - 25,000 tap Lapierre releasers
    3 - SS 1500 gallon tanks
    1 - SS 8,400 gallon tank
    8x8 Argo ATV
    50k John Deere generator

    24'x32' sugarhouse

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    my sugarhouse is 522 in elevation and my highest tap 646. North facing and no sun after 4pm so it runs late into the season.
    2017 140 taps 30x8 12x16 shack 28.5 gal
    2018 158 taps 30x8 12x16 shack with 8x8 kitchen 44 gal
    2019 223 taps 30x8 12x16 shack with 8x8 kitchen 36 gal
    2020 226 taps 30x8 12x16 shack with 8x8 kitchen 250 waterloo ro 63 gal

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    I’m at about 1100 feet at my sugar house and my trees go up to 1200 feet
    Sugaring for 45+ years
    New Sugarhouse 14'x32'
    New to Me Algier 2'x8' wood fired evaporator
    225 Sugar Maples Currently,(105 on 3/16" and 110 on Shurflo 4008 vacuum, 10 gravity), (16,000 before being disabled)
    1947 Farmall H and Wagon with gathering tank
    2012 Kubota with forks to move wood around

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    At my sugar house the elevation is 600'. The woods rise from 520' to 640'. 3/4 of the woods is East and South facing. These woods start early and finish early. My remote 2,300 taps 4 1/2 miles away start at 560' and rise to 780'. These woods are North North West and North West. These trees obviously start later and run later than my sugar house woods. The strange thing is that the woods are very different but after the first week of the season when my sugar house woods run a little sweeter, both woods produce almost identical sugar content day after day.

    2004- 470 taps on gravity and buckets
    2006- 590 taps on gravity and buckets 300 gph RO
    2009- 845 taps on vacuum no buckets, 600 gph RO
    2010- 925 taps on vacuum new 2 stage vacuum pump
    2014- 3045 taps on vacuum, new 1200 gph RO
    2015- 3104 taps on vacuum
    2017- 3213 taps on vacuum
    3' x 10' oil fired evaporator with steamaway

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