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Thread: Chip removal in tap holes

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    Default Chip removal in tap holes

    How do people prevent wood chips from getting into your tubing system without risking bacteria infiltration? Running 3/16 tubing, want to prevent clogs from chips. Has anyone bought sterile cotton-tipped applicators to remove chips from tap holes before placing the taps?
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    Although not currently allowed in the States, some Canadian producers will give the hole a shot of IPA and water, with a spray bottle, to flush anything out.
    Or you can use a small twig and simply push it in and twist back out. Green twigs work well as they are usually fairly “stringy” at the ends.
    I have found that any small shaving will eventually plug-up a downstream fitting. You’re on the right track.
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    it's easiest to just break off a twig at each hole and swab it out. Takes maybe an extra 30 seconds. Actually, I usually break one off as I'm walking to the next tap and have it ready
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    I have tried the cotton "qtips" in a clean zip lock bag but it seems like another thing to carry, keep clean and use in the drilling procedure. If you wait until the sap is running, the hole will be cleaned quickly with good sap flow. A quick in out drilling with a good tapping bit will leave little or no shavings. I check the hole and now use a twig for the few holes that have shavings.

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    I wonder if anyone has ever used the aerosol canned air that is used to dust off computer keyboards.
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    Sticking anything into the tap hole, unless the item is sanitized between holes, is a good way to prematurely introduce bacteria into the hole and shorten it’s production lifespan.
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    I wonder if a small amount of distilled water from a mustard type squirt bottle would have any negative affect on the cleanliness and longevity of the tap hole.but gbeneke is right, just one more thing to carry. BAP's correct too, anything not sanatized will potential cause problems.
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    I like both the compressed air and DD H20 idea.
    Seems compressed air would be a pain in the bush, but a squirt bottle with double distilled water would certainly be easy enough...
    That said, the twig, and its "organic" tones, seems like the winner in my book!
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    All I've ever used if needed, is a twig from a nearby bush. Use it only on the one tap hole then toss it. As said above, most will not need cleaning if you drill in one quick motion. Hold the drill from wobbling and run the drill in and out without stopping. If using a tapping bit most will be clean holes. Don't stop the drill, just in, then out.
    If you use a non tapping bit you may well have shavings left in the hole. A tapping bit has larger and faster spirals which helps remove the shavings better. The extra cost for tapping bits is worth it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by heus View Post
    I wonder if anyone has ever used the aerosol canned air that is used to dust off computer keyboards.
    i asked about this last year , did not get any positive reply's. I may just try it this year. I rarely get chips but once in a while when I get sloppy drilling i do.
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