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Thread: Tapping Central Pa 2021

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    Mercer PA


    We finished tapping Saturday the 20th.
    Today, we finished our first cord of wood, 900 gallons of sap, for 19-1/4 gallon of nice light syrup.
    Sap does not seem to be breaking any record but this might be the quickest to 20 gallons for us.
    Won't go below freezing until Monday PM so it will slow a bit here in Mercer, PA.
    Running right abour 2% max.
    2 x 6 A&A raised flue w/ preheater, OFA & UFA
    600 gal Zero tank
    125 taps on vacuum w/homemade releaser, 70 on gravity, 75 on buckets + a partner with 100 more buckets
    7" short stack Wesfab press
    Homemade water jacketed canner
    Polaris Ranger sap hauler
    Two English Setters to keep watch on things

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    As of yesterday we have boiled around 700 gallons of sap, and made close to 8 gallons of syrup.
    No big tsunami yet , just regular runs. Maybe Wednesday when it goes to 50 it will break loose.
    Looking good this weekend for our open house, with River Valley Maple Assn. Saturday/Sunday 10-5
    90 taps on vacuum
    155 taps on 5/16 gravity
    105 taps on 3/16 gravity
    about 45 buckets
    neighbor bringing from 45 taps


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    Default Active week coming up!

    Looks like a busy week this week! If the forecast holds up, the maple sap should be pouring out for about a week starting this afternoon, once the trees recover from last night's 15 degrees. And that's not all that will be happening:
    • My wife and I are getting our first COVID vaccine shots this afternoon.
    • Our friendly Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture inspector is coming out for second time to inspect our maple syrup kitchen on Thursday - I'm his only maple syrup producer.
    • And my wife has invited a girl scout troop out on Saturday to learn how maple syrup is made. I'm planning to take some photos when the girl scouts are here and share them.
    We haven't had so much excitement around here in months!
    680 5/16 taps on gravity
    red and sugar maples
    2 Homemade ROs
    Stovetop evaporator
    Filter press by Daryl
    Star San Tube Pump
    Drying rack for hydrometer
    Loves tapping in snow

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    All tapped in and ready for the good run this week. Have to do a little repair on the RO since I busted a fitting the other day, but other than that I think I’m ready.

    Stopped and saw Paddymountain on Saturday and he reminded me I haven’t checked in here in a while, so figured I’d make my mark for the year.

    Oh and looking to update my collection so at the end of the season if anyone is getting rid of sap sacks let me know I’m thinking of going that route.
    6 year Backyard producer
    2 little sap haulers
    leader half pint clone, wood fired
    50 buckets or so
    http://photobucket.com/albums/x473/Sleauber/Turtle Creek Maple Syrup

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